地板尺寸: 4”x36”,5”x36”,6”x36”,7”x36”,9”x36”,12”x24”,12”x36”,16”x16”,18”x18,6”x48”,7”x48”,9”x48”,9”x60”


耐磨层厚度: 0.1-0.7mm

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Technical Data  (Dry back LVT)

1Dimensions LengthISO24342/ASTM F2055± 0.50 mm
Width± 0.20 mm
2Overall ThicknessISO24346    /ASTM F386Average + 0.13 /-0.1mm
3SquarenessLengthISO24342/ASTM F2055≤ 0.35 mm
Width≤ 0.25 mm
4Dimensional Stability (6h - 80℃)ISO23999≤ 0.25 %
5Curl (6h - 80℃)ISO23999/ASTM F2199± 2.0 mm
6Flexibility ISO24344/ASTM F137Through the 2inches diameter mandrel, the floor    specimen has no crack or break.
7Colour Fasteness ISO 105 B02/ASTM F1515≥ 6/Δ E≤8
8Abrasion ResistanceEN660-2Pass
9Wear Layer  Abrasion ResistanceEN 13329                            (S-42, 200 cycle change)IP≥4000cycles(0.55mm wear layer),
     IP≥1800cycles(0.30mm wear    layer) 
10Castor ResistanceISO4918No visible damage after 25000 revolutions
11 Height Difference ISO10582/EN13329Average ≤ 0.10 mm,
     Individual values  ≤ 0.15 mm  
12Gloss RetentionEN 16094ARating 1 
13Micro-scratch ResistanceEN 16094B≥ Rating 2
14Resistance    to ChemicalsISO26987 / ASTM F925 Class 0 / Excellent
15Sound AbsorbtionDIN 52210﹤4dB
16Impact Insulation Class ASTM E492IIC47
17Sound Transmission ClassASTM E90STC50
18Burning BehaviourEN 13501-1Bfl – s1 
19Slip ResistanceEN 13893DS
20Static Coefficient of FrictionASTM D2047Dry: 0.37  /  Wet 1 : 0.69
21Thermal ConductivityEN 126670.1167 W/(m·K) 
22Thermal ResistanceEN 126670.0364 (m 2 ·K) /W
23Residual IndentationISO24343-1 /ASTM    F1914≤ 0.10 mm/average less than    8 %, maximum single reading 10 %
24Suitable for Underfloor Heating Yes
28 °C MAX
25ToxicityEN 71Non Toxic
26VOC EmissionAgBB/DIBtCertified
27Electrical ResistanceEN 1081Horizontal:>1,0x1016 OHM 
     Vertical: 5,1 x1012 OHM   
28Formaldehyde emissionEN 717-1E1
29 Antistatic PerformanceEN 1815PVC SOLE: + 3,5 KV
31Heavy MetalsASTM F963                   CPSC-CH-E1002-08.3Total Lead (Pb)≤100PPm
SOL. Lead    (Pb)≤90PPm
SOL. Mercury    (Hg)≤60PPm
SOL. Chromium    (Cr)≤60PPm
SOL. Arsenic    (As)≤25PPm
SOL. Antimony    (Sb)≤60PPm
SOL. Barium    (Ba)≤1000PPm
SOL. Selenium    (Se)≤500PPm
SOL. Cadmium    (Cd)≤75PPm
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